My philosophy on photography is simple. It allows us to share the way we perceive the world. In creative form, a way of regarding, understanding or interpreting something. Allowing you to be inside someone’s head. To see life through their lens. Capturing feelings of happiness, freedom, love. All the feels. And while we know that memories fade, photography allows us to own that moment in time. To bring it to life and share it with others. 

Nobody wants to be a square. My passion is to find alternative angles. I specialize in shooting lifestyle products, events and milestone moments. Being located at the heart of the globe, New York City, gives me easy access to the entire world.

Today, we can be that fly on the wall or bird in the sky. I’m always finding new ways of taking pictures and videos, be that 360, VR or utilizing drones to capture exciting angles. 

My name is Christopher Schultz and I invite you to see the world through my lens. Let me capture your story and lets share it with the globe.

Tag, you’re it! Reach out with any questions. I look forward to meeting you. 

stay in focus, out of regularity ///Christopher